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Brain Injury: “Jeff”
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In September of 1982 my 20 year old son, Jeff, was in an auto accident sustaining a closed head injury resulting in massive brain damage. He was in such a state that about all you could say for him was that he was alive. He had a trach for oxygen, an N.G. tube for feeding and someone had to turn … Read More

Brain Injury: “Daniel”
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Daniel started life at 8 lbs., and 11 oz. He did not lift his head after birth as well as his three older brothers nor did he seem to keep up with the milestones of the first year; yet his eyes always brimmed with excitement and he enjoyed being around the other boys. His favorite activity of lounging around and … Read More

Down Syndrome: “Cindy”
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Cindy Cherie Wade was born May 22, 1976, in Salt Lake City. When the doctors told us that Cindy was born with Down Syndrome, they described a very bleak future and we found the first months of her life to be very discouraging. Not knowing where to turn we searched for help from individuals and organizations, but found little that … Read More

Attention Deficit Disorder: “Christopher”
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When our son Christopher was born, he experienced some trauma in that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. His delivery was lengthened since every time he would start coming out he would then go back in. The doctor took him out finally with forceps. His ankles were pronated and so he did not walk until late and really … Read More

Our Journey to NACD Changed Our Lives
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by Joan Burns Seems like just yesterday (seven years ago) a tiny bundle of love was handed to me, his bright eyes seemed to say “thank you for being my mom.” This was and is true of our son as he shows his love and appreciation for everything we teach him. “Your son has Down Syndrome” the doctor said in … Read More

Dad keeps Pledge: Girl Walks
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Reprinted with permission from the St. Louis Post Dispatch Last winter, little Stephanie Bridgeman stood helplessly by as her father built a snowman for her. But Clyde Bridgeman turned to his crippled daughter and said “I promise that I’m going to help you B and next year, you will build a snowman.” He then guided Stephanie, now 5 years old, … Read More

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by Susan Garrett Tricia is a petite eight year old girl who is sure that everyone is her friend. She has Williams Syndrome, but she has no idea that she is any different from anyone in her first grade class. Symptoms of Williams Syndrome include a mild cardiac problem, poor muscle development, a small stature, and pixyish features. With the … Read More

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