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NACD: A Game Changer for Our Daughter
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by M. Harrington We brought our daughter to NACD after adopting her from another country at the age of 7 and trying for four years to homeschool her ourselves. While we were making progress developmentally and academically, progress was slow before we found NACD. Lyn helped us discover specific things about our daughter’s brain and the way it processed information that … Read More

Ilaria Smith: Making Us All Proud
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We love hearing from our past and present families. It’s always tough for us when we graduate a child, seeing them move on, full of expectation and hope, and hopefully armed with a solid foundation. We always appreciate hearing from the families and learning how they fared. We just received this note from Charles Smith and Marilyng Perez Montero regarding … Read More

Jake by Rachel Schappy
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Jake is the youngest of three children. He was first flagged as struggling academically in kindergarten and then again in grade one. Jake struggled with saying the alphabet, sounding out the alphabet, math, staying focused, sitting still and making/keeping friends. At home, he was busy physically with sports, but could not get along with siblings, couldn’t take a joke, had … Read More

Learning Disabilities: Isaac Petrucka
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by Christi Petrucka Isaac had been struggling with reading and expressing himself for so long, that by the time I heard about the NACD in May 2012, when he was 16, I knew that I was quickly running out of time to help him. It’s not that I hadn’t done anything up to this point. His difficulties were obvious early … Read More

Learning Disabilities: “John”
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Our three children were classified by the school system as learning disabled. One as neurologically impaired and two as perceptually impaired. As a young mother I believed the school system wanted to help our children succeed and agreed to self contained classrooms for two of the three and supplemental for the third child. This began a learning process, not for … Read More

Learning Disabilities: “Chris”
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In April 1990 we were first introduced to Bob Doman’s program through prayer on our son’s behalf and the referral from some friends. Prior to this our son had been evaluated at age three with intelligence testing; screened for allergy sensitivities at age 7; and participated in vision therapy at age 8. All of these measures were somewhat helpful but … Read More

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