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Breaking Down Stereotypes: Gabriel is a Winner!

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It has been a few years since I have seen Gabriel although he has been a part of NACD since he was a little guy. His mom and I reminisced about how I kept pushing him and them out of their comfort zones to ensure that Gabriel progressed. He has always been a charming and pleasant boy, chatty and sociable. … Read More


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Jennie – 33 years old 9-28-2017 Six years ago my daughter Jennie and I moved to St. George, Utah from California. My daughter has Down Syndrome and was 27 years old and had been in special education classes all of her life. At this time I was introduced to the NACD organization and Sara Erling. Jennie has been blessed to … Read More


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by Sue McFerren, as told to Iliana Clift I knew the risks of having a child in my 40s, and I intended to love and care for every child God blessed us with, no matter what. Still, when Sonya was born with Down syndrome I was stunned. Recognizing that having a special needs child in our family would dramatically change … Read More


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Arianna is 13 years old. She happened to have been born with one extra chromosome, a fact that is neither positive nor negative but certainly has been a challenge for her in many ways. As parents we learned that the medical term is designated Trisomy 21. We feel very strong about using that term. Verbalizing that our daughter had Down … Read More

Shaurya and Sasha

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by Prachi Sinha, NACD Neurodevelopmentalist in India Shaurya is a young entrepreneur with Down syndrome, and he has made me a very proud evaluator. Shaurya, along with another young man, Sashank (also with Down syndrome), runs a small business called Sasha. Sasha began its journey from Thailand about 2 years back when the moms of the two boys got together … Read More

NACD Kids: “Bobby Lyons” This Teen is College Bound

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by Nancy Lyons It’s that time of year when many high school seniors look forward to being accepted to the college of their choice. In the Lyons household, there is big reason to celebrate, as Bobby learned that he was accepted to a college in New York state, where he plans to major in Sociology. Many would say that the … Read More

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