Autism Spectrum: “John”
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John was talking at 9 months old, saying “stop” at each stop sign we passed on the road, and saying “clock” as we passed his favorite large clock on a building near our home. He waved goodbye to his favorite babysitter at 8 months old. He walked at 12 months old. Then he began his fall into the world of … Read More

Brag – Connor Macchabee
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by Julie Macchabee It is not how you start but how you finish the race; and by the way, this race you have begun will be a marathon. Do not feel defeated Gather your strength For if you glance to the right The sun is shining bright. Glance to your left and see that you are not alone. Other families … Read More

NACD Kids: Ammon (The Eagle Scout)
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by Debbie Frederickson When Ammon was born he had oxygen problems that weren’t detected until he was six weeks old. When he was three, the Sparks Clinic in Birmingham evaluated him and they said he was “mentally retarded.” When he was about five, we discovered that he had a hearing loss. We were told that he would never learn to … Read More

NACD KIDS: Therapeutic Videos Help Hannah, Lauren and Joseph
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by Ashley Lammons I have three children on the autism spectrum and they have been on NACD’s TDI Targeted Developmental Intervention® for 9 months. I have six-year old twin girls and a son who is now 3 ½. Hannah and her sister Lauren were born prematurely at 25 weeks. Hannah is legally blind. When we started with NACD she was … Read More

Autism Spectrum: “Celeste’s Story”
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Beverly G. As of March 2001 NACD has helped my autistic daughter make incredible progress over the past fourteen months. I believe it is nothing short of a miracle. My daughter Celeste was diagnosed as mildly autistic when she was 4 years old, but I had known for some time that she had delays. She was a normal baby, possibly … Read More

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