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Where Did the Time Go?

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by Bob Doman For many of you school has started and you have discovered that there are not enough minutes let alone hours in the day. As you try to fit more and more into your day there are two primary things you need to do to maximize your time and produce successful outcomes. You need to prioritize and schedule. … Read More

Independence, Initiation, Responsibility, Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Empowerment, Service: Chores

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by Bob Doman From our tiniest children, who lack the awareness that they can initiate movement, language, or even play, to our teens and young adults who have not established an identity, a sense of worth, or self-respect and who feel entitled, often one of the most significant missing ingredients is ownership of chores. Contributing, having chores, jobs, and responsibilities … Read More

2019 Transylvania, Romania NACD Event

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by Bob Doman A lot of folks, particularly in the USA, have a hard time describing where in the world Romania is or are able to tell you much of anything about Romania (which unfortunately speaks to our educational system); but ask about Transylvania and everyone’s interest perks up and they conjure up visions of Dracula. This last month I … Read More

Developmental/Therapeutic Intervention: Proactive or Reactive?

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by Bob Doman To be proactive is to anticipate, prepare, and intervene based on a long-term vision and perspective. When anticipating the future, you react accordingly before it actually happens. To be reactive is to respond to a situation, rather than creating or controlling it. How does this relate to what we do with our children? What we do in … Read More

NACD International Outreach – Bulgaria

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On March 16th Bob Doman gave three lectures to groups of professionals and parents in Sofia, Bulgaria. The topics of the lectures were Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Brain Injury/Cerebral Palsy. The lectures were organized by Gabriela Trichkova, one of our super NACD moms, and the Bulgarian Down syndrome Parents’ Organization. Gabriela was anxious to help educate both professionals … Read More

The Whole, Intact, Total, and Complete Child

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by Bob Doman Back in the ‘80s I traveled around the country, lecturing to parents and professionals. On many of these occasions I spoke to them about the importance of understanding and utilizing neuroplasticity, which with rare exception none of them had ever heard of. I also spoke about how the model of providing therapeutic intervention on a weekly or … Read More

Targeted Home Education – T.H.E. Way Forward

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by Bob Doman On January 26th I was given the honor of providing the keynote address for the Winter Home School Conference in Layton, Utah. The conference was a great success with a couple thousand in attendance. As I was preparing for the conference, I realized that I needed to address an underlying systemic issue with homeschool, which was simply … Read More

Happy New Year 2019

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by Bob Doman Okay, the party is over—let’s get to work! Let’s make 2019 a year of real change. Make this the year to take a big step toward realizing the vision and the dream. Start your year by revisiting your vision, your dreams for your children. Clarity of vision goes a long way toward actually achieving the vision. It’s … Read More

NACD Math Program

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Now exclusively available for NACD families Free with your NACD membership   NACD Math was designed not only to teach children how to do math, but also to help them learn that math is easy, that they are good at math, and to enjoy it. NACD Math is now made available online for our NACD clients through the NACD Family … Read More

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