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The NACD Community – NACD Facebook Group
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May 2020   I am pleased to announce that we are launching an NACD Facebook group. We are hopeful that this will serve as a vehicle to provide our members with even more support and to strengthen our community—our NACD family. It is very important, however, that we do it properly. The majority of families in the world are not … Read More

NACD International Outreach – Bulgaria
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On March 16th Bob Doman gave three lectures to groups of professionals and parents in Sofia, Bulgaria. The topics of the lectures were Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Brain Injury/Cerebral Palsy. The lectures were organized by Gabriela Trichkova, one of our super NACD moms, and the Bulgarian Down syndrome Parents’ Organization. Gabriela was anxious to help educate both professionals … Read More

NACD Math Program
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Now exclusively available for NACD families Free with your NACD membership   NACD Math was designed not only to teach children how to do math, but also to help them learn that math is easy, that they are good at math, and to enjoy it. NACD Math is now made available online for our NACD clients through the NACD Family … Read More

NACD International Outreach
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This past month one of our staff, Staci Sargent, conducted a teacher training program for 120 teachers in Nigeria. The inservice was to help teachers improve outcomes and to design standards of excellence for students. This inservice provided Staci with the opportunity to share many of our foundational NACD concepts, such as the application of principles to trigger neuroplasticity and … Read More

News from NACD Romania: A Message for Us All
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by Bob Doman At the end of September in Brasov, Romania, one of our parents, Endre Csato, organized the second of his annual conferences, Galeria Terapiilor. The conference was for Romanian families who have children with disabilities and professionals involved in providing services to these children. I was honored to present the keynote speech via Skype last year. This year … Read More

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