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The Importance of Walking
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Michael Jen (Michael Jen is one of our NACD dads. He is a martial arts instructor, as well as a muscle balance and function facilitator. Not only does he teach others about fitness, but he “walks the walk” as well—he and his family walk 2-4 miles each day!) Both serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts seem always to be on the … Read More

To Simply Hear
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Such a simple word with such profound ramifications. If you look it up in the dictionary you’ll read: Hear: \ˈhir\ transitive verb 1: to perceive or apprehend by the ear 2: to gain knowledge of by hearing 3 a: to listen to with attention : HEED b:ATTEND <hear mass> 4 a: to give a legal hearing to b: to take … Read More

Short Term and Working Memory: Clinical Insights
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Keynote Speaker: Robert J. Doman Jr., Founder and Director of the National Association for Child Development 2nd Annual International Congress of Developmental Psychology University of Aguascalientes Aguascalientes, Mexico October 2008 The International Congress of Developmental Psychology, held at the University of Aguascalientes, was the site of Bob Doman’s first opportunity to present the initial ground breaking data from NACD’s Simply … Read More

The Learning “Disabled” Child: Special Education
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Robert J. Doman Jr. Special Education Twenty-five years ago, special education was in its infancy. It was virtually impossible for the parents of children with severe problems to obtain any services from their school systems. With the recent development of special education and the passing of legislation providing for children with special needs, funds are now available through state and … Read More

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