All About Sarah
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By Ellen Doman This is not so much a brag as it is an acknowledgement of how far this girl has come. My friend, Sarah, is an eighth grader. She sequences nines and tens with ease. She loves sports and has a passion for playing golf. She’s a great student and has scored very high on our testing and the … Read More

Grant DeLuca
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It is such a pleasure when, as staff, we get to watch kids really take off with their NACD programs. One of our superstars who deserves recognition this month is Grant DeLuca. It was only nine months ago that this five year old came in for his first NACD evaluation. At that time Grant could only speak a small number … Read More

Aishanie Saigal
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by Prachi Sinha NACD Evaluator IndiaI have heard Bob say quite a few times that “little girls are dangerous,” and this brag is about one such little girl. Aishanie Saigal is a three year old ball of energy who has a lot to say about her world. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, and she has had a … Read More

Ally Mae
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  ALLY MAE has been on an NACD program since she was 10 months old after suffering a traumatic brain injury while in the supervision of a caregiver at 4 1/2 months of age. Ally also suffered retinal hemorrhaging in her eyes, two broken legs and a broken arm. Due to the trauma she began having infantile spasms (seizures with … Read More

Parents’ Brag: No More Signs of Aspergers
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by Lou Stinnett I have to share a recent event that thrilled me, but first, you need to understand the background. When my son Bradley started his NACD program at age eleven, he was two to three years behind academically, and he had diagnoses of Aspergers, a form of autism, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Over the next two years on program, … Read More

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