Addressing Auditory Processing NACD’s Way
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by Lori Riggs, M.A., CCC/SLP What is it? “Auditory processing” and “auditory processing disorder” are terms that are thrown around frequently these days. But what does auditory processing actually mean? Auditory processing can loosely be defined as how the brain interprets and uses the auditory signal that comes from the ear. An auditory processing disorder (APD; also referred to as CAPD—central … Read More

The Network
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by Robert J. Doman, Jr. Where does a child’s future lie? How can we determine the potential of a given child? These questions cannot be answered. As difficult as it will seem to a parent, particularly the parent of a child with a problem, the questions shouldn’t even be asked. If someone volunteers an answer, they should not be heard. … Read More

The Autistic Child
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by Robert J. Doman Jr. Children labeled as “autistic” have been enigmas since they were first identified. Fortunately, some questions surrounding these children are being answered. Many “autistic” children (children with sensory dysfunction) are now being helped, and some are achieving “normal” function. As a result of NACD’s work with “autistic” children, we have also gained a better understanding of … Read More

Down Syndrome
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by Robert J. Doman Jr. Down Syndrome is the most common and best known of the chromosomal anomalies. The condition was first described by Langdon Down in 1866. Previously, the children with this anomaly were labeled as Mongoloids. The term was applied to these children because of the somewhat oriental look produced by the epicanthal folds. The folds, which produce … Read More

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